Hypnosis and NLP can help you to get what you want out of life!

  • Do you feel you want more?NATCOM College
  • Do you sometimes feel you need a helping hand?
  • Do you look around and see others enjoying life?
  • Ask yourself – Does this sound familiar?
  • You know you deserve more, but ask HOW?
  • You can make that life changing decision now?
  • You have taken the first step by reading this.
Reward yourself! You can!
  •  It’s up to YOU
  • Take back control
  • Create a great & exciting future
  • You were meant to be successful
  • Create a profitable business
  • You were meant to be happy
  The secret is Neuro-Linguistic Hypnosis: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP is the way to go.   Now it’s up to YOU!

Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) and NLP

Distance Learning or Hands-on training.

The choice is yours!

  • Learn and Experience NLP and Hypnotic trance states
  • Enjoy the Benefits available to you
  • Use them to create success
Learn Hypnosis
  • Decide how your own future can be so good.
  • A happy person generates a happy family and a happy worker

Hypnosis training at its best If it’s in the mind hypnosis helps. This Hypnosis training, created by one of the most experienced Hypnotherapy practitioners,can enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams. It can give you a career path to spiritual and material wealth. Taking a Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) training with Dr Ian Lochlin of NATCOM can:

  • Make your dreams of success come true
  • Remove all the mental blocks to success
  • Give you the tools to optimise physical and mental wellbeing
  • Get rid of those unwanted habits such as smoking, nail bitingand binge eating
  • Improve your libido
  • Be happy
  • Improve your golf, tennis, squash and other sports.
  • You can give yourself these advantages and help others to achievethe same goals.


NLP training at its best

Improve your business success by treating your staff to one of our 2 day in-house ‘NLP for Business’ trainings Improve your own business skills by taking an NLP training with NATCOM. Trainings range from our 2 day business specific courses to the 10 day NLP Practitioner course Create an attitude of personal achievement and success. Our highly acclaimed NLP courses are recognised as being among the best and great value. You can learn how to create the right mental states to achieve wealth and success in life. Achieve this ability for yourself and then build a satisfying career coaching others. Change attitudes and belief systems that have in the past held you back. Anchor success so that you can recreate it when you want it. NLP training teaches you how to model excellence in your chosen field. If you recognise excellence in others you can analyse the behaviour patterns and recreate it in yourself.


Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Smoking is a mixture of habit and addiction. Hypnosis to stop smoking is the ultimate in pain free behaviour change therapy. You can learn how to use NLP and Hypnosis to stop smoking. By learning how to do hypnotherapy you can create for yourself a profitable business helping other people to take back control of their lives and become non-smokers. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is great because it minimises withdrawal symptoms and removes the habit in just three enjoyable sessions. No patches. No drugs. No keeping records. No sweat. Nicotine invades every cell in the body. It makes your body and its immune system inefficient. It lowers your resistance and slows down your mental powers. People say “It helps me relax”. That’s rubbish. It slows down your life support system and merely gives the illusion of being relaxed. Use Hypnotherapy to stop smoking and improve your physical and mental health.


Fear and phobia ‘cures’ We are not born with fear and phobia. We learn from life’s experience how to do them. If you can learn to do them you can learn how to undo them. Our NLP training and Hypnosis training will show you how. Some so called professionals tell you that fear and phobia is something that you have to learn to live with. That is rubbish. Fear and phobia can be removed in two or three NLP sessions and made permanent with professional Hypnotherapy. Learn how to do it with one of our trainings, or consult an NLP or Hypnotherapy specialist. Fear and phobia is not a lifetime of dis-ease. It is just a mental process that can be corrected.


Weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis will not make you lose weight! What it does do is to change your attitude towards food and eating. It can speed up your metabolism so that you burn up more energy and so lose weight. Weight loss hypnosis is a powerful tool in regaining control over your attitudes, beliefs and values. Some people say they can’t stop eating a particular food. The truth is that they have chosen, for some good reason, to have that particular behaviour. Weight loss hypnosis removes the reason, changes the belief and prioritises values so that weight loss becomes possible. Use it on yourself or train others in the process. Learning how to do weight loss hypnosis is yet another example of how to create a wealth creation business for yourself whilst enjoying a better personal lifestyle.


Hypnotherapy training

Clinical hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for health are differing ways of saying the same thing. Hypnotherapy training with us gives you the skills and ability to overcome the mental blocks that stand between you and your real self. You were born with all the resources necessary to achieve success in life. Unfortunately life experiences tends to obscure and bury those resources and make it difficult to move on. Hypnotherapy training shows you the way. It removes the blockages, sets you free and puts you in touch with your true self. Hypnotherapy training allows the conscious and unconscious minds to work in harmony as a team, instead of being the basis of destructive internal conflict. Used in conjunction with NLP, Hypnotherapy training is one of the most powerful tools for behaviour change currently available. It is drug free and the only side effect is a sense of wellbeing!


Building self confidence

Lack of self confidence is installed by life experience. It only needs a careless comment or a traumatic experience for the unconscious mind to create a limiting belief. Building self confidence is achieved by removing self doubt, discharging stored emotions of fear, guilt and anger, installing positive beliefs and creating an anticipation of a successful future. Become an expert at building self confidence by taking a course in NLP or Hypnosis. Want to know more or book a course? Just click here for more Hands-On-Training.

Building self confidence in yourself is the first step. Then by taking a course to learn the process you can help other people by building self confidence in them so that they in turn can also enjoy life to the full.


Anxiety and panic attacks

Stress and anxiety are the main reasons for physical and mental illness. If you can control anxiety and panic attacks in yourself, your body will respond positively and your energy will be focussed on the all important tasks of creative mental activity and physical healing.

Anxiety and panic attacks are not necessary or desirable. Anxiety and panic attacks can be got rid of using NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Removing these debilitating anxiety and panic attacks is often all that is needed to help people like yourself move forward in life.

When you take a course in NLP and Hypnosis with us you will learn all the skills you need to deal with stress management, fears and phobias, anxiety, self confidence, smoking, weight loss, relaxation, bed wetting, nail biting, self hypnosis, drug abuse, sexual dysfunction, sports performance, pregnancy, and many other situations where a change of behaviour is needed.      


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